Friday, February 28, 2014

Family gathering

Assalammualaikum w.b.t ..

Hey buddies ..

8.2.2014. My sister marriage. That so fun! This is time for family gathered do not be shock because i was the bridesmaid. Hehe. 

Let's see the photos.
That so funny and interesting. We have 'tol' system, fight the verse and take the photos together. In Johore, this tradition is very popular. This tradition make the wedding more fun.

This is the sweet memory ever in my life. 

From me, the imperfect me 

Nur Asyiqeen Hj Md Dawi.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I my me mine ..

My name is Nur Asyiqeen binti Md Dawi. My matrix number is 229521. You can contact me at I was born in Hospital Kluang, Johor in 27 September 1993 on 4:23 PM. However, please do not count my age. To me, age is just a number. Hehe .

I not really like to talk about my family. However, I do. I do love them. They are light of my life. That is just because I do not know how to talk to. I have a very big family. Although my family is not perfect but to me my family is complete. My mother is a single mother.  I have brothers and sisters. I was the youngest. I have nephews and nieces. The older nephew is 18 years old. The youngest is 3 years old. To me, in the big family the most important things are good communication and love. This is just on my opinion based my experienced. 

                When I was a child, when ate, we gathered together make a round and ate at the tray. My older sister will give the food to each of us. That was very sweet memory. My father at that time was very coherent. When one of us made the mistake, we will protect them. We will said that was our mistake. When playing, because of we have big siblings and playground next to our house, our neighbor will came to play with us. There are many tradition games we plays such as “congkak”, “jadi-jadi” and “musang dan anak ayam”.

                When I become adolescent, my other siblings become older. Time was the main problems. But, when we contact to each other, meet or using social networking, we still talk about our sweet past. I do not want to talk about the past but experience is the best way to study. The experienced and past make our days getting better and better. Even when I at the difficult time, when I remember my past, I wanna be strong. That why I believed that everything happen must have the reason and I believed to that Allah know the best for me. 

From me .. the imperfect me ..

Nur Asyiqeen Hj. Md  Dawi