Thursday, March 6, 2014

Color To You, Color To Me

Hey buddies ..

What do you think about color? Before that, do you love color? What color that you like? Did you think that you can see someone through the color they likes.

In my opinion, we can see someone personality through the color they like. But it was just my opinion.

To me, someone who like the blue color is someone who is very calm. But, with the always calm have crocodile as hide. Hehe . Just joking.  

Someone who like yellow is happy go lucky. Usually, they have the sense of humor.

Someone who like green sensitive. They are sensitive but they not show it. All my friends who like this color is very cute.

Someone who like red is the brave person. They always have confident with what they do. 

That just a color that I think the most my friends like. This is just my opinion so maybe it is true or maybe that not. 

From me, the imperfect me 

Nur Asyiqeen Hj Md Dawi.